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39 P R O F E S S I O N A L P R O F I L E S Health and Wellness Jennifer Taylor 38 North Lumina Avenue.
 Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
 910-616-4298 Jennifer is passionate about wellness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Her focus on holistic living began with restrictive neck pain. Jenn’s journey to wellness inspired her to share her knowledge and experience with Sona’s members. Located in the heart of Wrightsville Beach, Sona offers a personalized wellness experience. As a fusion-fitness studio and club, Sona offers yoga, barre, Pilates and individual instruction — for the hottest fitness trends all under one roof! OMNI EYE SPECIALISTS WBM Dr. Eric E. Schmidt Dr. M. Sutton Schilawski 818-B Pine Grove Drive Wilmington, NC 28409 910-793-2010 Omni Eye Specialists announces the opening of its new Dry Eye Center of the Carolinas. Dry Eye affects one out of every five Americans. Dr. Schmidt introduced new procedures used by no other eye care practice in the area, including new techniques such as using amniotic membranes and making drops out of the patient’s own blood. These innovative procedures provide relief that was previously out of reach for dry eye sufferers.

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