Artful Eggs: A Benefit for the Cape Fear Literacy Council

by WBM Staff
March 2013

Wrightsville Beach Magazine challenged sculptors in wood, metal, clay, paper and mixed media to create artisan-designed eggs to feature in celebration of Easter. The artists generously agreed to donate their eggs to the Cape Fear Literacy Council’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Gala and auction at the Air Wilmington Hangar on March 2 to support adult literacy.

Want to go? RSVP or dial 910-251-0911.

Sea Shell Egg Shell by Bill Donaldson


6 inches x 4 inches.

Black walnut.


Hand-carved from northern Ohio black walnut, Donaldson, a member of the Cape Fear Woodcarvers Club for more than 30 years, has invested 55 hours in this one-of-a-kind egg. Shaping the form with a band saw and power grinders, the relief scallop shells were carved with knives. Using various grains of sandpaper he smoothed the surface before applying coats of natural tung oil for the finish.


A Bakers Half Dozen by Sybil West


Eggs range in size from 3 1/2 to 6 inches tall and from 2 3/4 to 4 inches wide.



Sybil West practiced by throwing close-formed balls before she tackled the egg. Shaped on the potters wheel then left to dry to leather hardness, West trimmed each egg and hand-carved her designs before the first, bisque firing. She glazed and hand-painted each egg before the second firing. This collection represents her first foray with porcelain clay. West is a founding member of Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts Gallery at the Cotton Exchange.


Plane Eggs by Dumay Gorham III


11 3/8 inches high x 6 inches wide x 5 inches deep.

Steel on granite base.


Known for his large-scale metal sculptures, Dumay Gorham III worked outside of his traditional idiom to create a trio of stylized fried eggs of steel. Plasma cut with a torch, he excised the center yolks and played with the arrangement before welding the eggs end to end and finishing the piece with a clear coat. Gorhams father is a Cape Fear Literacy Council mentor.


Egg Circus Act by Michelle Connolly


25 1/2 inches tall x 24 inches wide.

Mixed media: metal, wood, gesso, glue, paper mch, paint.


The chicken definitely came before the egg in this whimsical found-object sculpture by Michelle Connolly. Designed for a cork top stopper, her chicken is poised with pointer in hand. Inserted into an egg-shaped wooden base, Connolly gessoed a paper mch finish before painting. With a little help from fellow Acme Art Studio artist Dumay Gorham III, who welded the sphere to its base, Connolly assembled her trapeze egg from materials she collected.


Oh You Goose You by Fritzi Huber


6 inches x 4 inches (both pieces combined).

Mixed media: gesso, acrylic, mica particles, glue, Asian ritual papers with foil and persimmon stain.


Known for her works on handmade paper, Fritzi Huber is the only artist represented during the Breakfast at Tiffanys Gala auction whose work is housed in the Cameron Art Museums permanent collection. Working outside of her typical medium, Huber cracked a plastic egg, breaking the edges for vrit. She applied layers of gesso outside and in before coating the shell with acrylic paint. On an adhesive base, she dusted the inside with gold mica and sealed it with aerosol Krylon before the finish: a collage of Asian ritual papers.


Imported Eggs from Perrys Emporium


This trio of hinged Faberge-style eggs open to reveal secret compartments. Each sterling silver egg, with accompanying stand, is overlaid with Swarovski crystals. Eggs are 2 1/2 inches tall x 2 inches wide.


Hand-carved, handpainted, Soviet Era wooden eggs with accompanying lathed, handpainted stands, from left, feature a Russian Orthodox Church, a Russian Bolshevik and a Russian maiden releasing a bird. Eggs range in size from 2 3/4 to 5 1/2 inches tall and from 2 to 3 inches wide.


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